Ashes and Flowers Keepsakes

Ashes Jewelry

All of my jewelry is available for ashes, also. Ashes jewelry can be colored, or have crushed opal added. The price is the same as all of the listed price for jewelry. Instructions on drop off location are given in the confirmation email. Please bring a half a teaspoon of the ashes. Anything not used will be returned to you.

I can also engrave the back of necklaces. If you want precious fingerprints, paw prints, or even written words or messages from loved ones, they can be engraved on the back. 
Please message my Facebook account or text or call 505-550-3550 for any questions or help.

Flowers Keepsakes

I can preserve flowers and other items in epoxy for a keepsake that will protect and preserve your items.

Ideally, I would be given flowers fresh and preserve them for you. If they are already dried, I can still preserve them in epoxy!

Message me to learn more or to talk about preserving your precious items!