Epoxy Works

All of our Epoxy Items are custom made to your specifications.

We still accept all payment options, and still ship all items. 

Message us to place your order!

Custom Epoxy Tumblers!
Glitters, Solids, images, names, brands, schools, teams. Anything you'd like can be done!
$26 for 12oz tumbler
$32 for 18.5oz tumbler or 19oz straw tumbler
$36 for 27oz tumbler
Epoxy Pens
$9 Each or 5 for $35

Breastmilk Jewelry and Keepsake Items
Every item is custom and personal and unique to you. Whether you need a necklace, ring, or charm with breastmilk; or need a keepsake made for a lost loved one, each item is made thoughtfully and uniquely with our customers in mind. Message me to start making your very own keepsake!
Prices vary based on items or jewelry chosen:
Typical keepsake of breastmilk is $55-$85
Typical Keepsake of ashes, flowers, or personal items is $35-$65