Triangle Assembly Instructions

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Assembly Instructions


Parts list 

2 36in legs (7 dowel hole)                                            2 32in legs (6 dowel hole)

2 triangles (hinge and support)                                    13 dowels

26 #8 1 1/2in screws (smaller diameter)                      4 #12 1 1/4in  screws (larger diameter)

2 1/4x 20 bolts (11mm head)                                       4 1/4 washers

2 1/4 lock nut (11mm head)                                         Wood glue


Tools required for assembly

11mm socket and wrench

#2 Phillips bit for drill

cordless or corded drill (#2 screwdriver will work in a pinch but your wrist will be extremely tired and sore)


Assembly  instructions


DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN SCREWS OR BOLTS, As this may cause damage to product!!


Step 1

Apply glue to dowel holes on legs (apply enough to cover end of dowel hole on leg but not to much that it will seep out) and use #8 screws to secure, ensuring screw head is flush with wood


Note for step 1: assemble dowels to leg one side at a time, and one dowel at a time, and one leg assembly at a time. Glue then screw each dowel in as this allows less seepage if the leg appears to be uneven do not worry it will straighten out when fully assembled


Step 2 

Use 1/4 x 20 bolts and assemble 36in (7 dowel hole) leg assembly to triangle (bolt-washer-traingle-leg-washer-lock nut from outside to inside)parts have been labeled (side a with side a, side b with side b) lock nut to the inside of triangle bolt head to the outside (there will be a couple of threads that stick out. Make snug but do not over tighten causing washers to compress wood)


Step 3 

Use #12 screws and assemble 32in (6 dowel hole) leg assembly with triangle- parts have been labeled (side a with side a, side b with side b) ensure screw heads are flush with surface 


Once assembled allow at least 4 hours dry time for glue (preferably 24 hours but we all know the little ones will want to play with it immediately and you will want to watch them play with it)