Add-Ins For Jewelry

Not sure which add-in to choose? Here is a breakdown!


Shimmer adds just a small amount of sparkle to the naked eye. It is definitely the most popular add-in, and for a reason! It won't take away from, or change, the appearance of the milk at at all!


Bring a clip of your babies hair with your milk and I'll lay it in your piece! Hair is a beautiful way to make your jewelry so personally unique!

Crushed Opal

This add-in is one of my favorites! Your choice of a light blue or pink opal is added into the milk for a perfectly beautiful look that dazzles!

If you'd like a custom color opal added, please message my Facebook page or text me at 505-550-3550.

***The picture shown with blue has a custom dark blue added to the light blue. The right ring with no dark blue in it is the representation of how the blue opal looks***

Foil to match metal

This option brings your jewelry metal and breastmilk piece together beautifully. I use gold foil, rose gold foil, and silver foil depending on your metal choice. I also have red, blue, and purple foils! If you'd like a custom foil added be sure to message my Facebook page or text me at 505-550-3550.