Rectangle with  Birthstones

Rectangle with Birthstones

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This beautiful piece is available as a necklace or as a bracelet. I use 1 ounce of milk to preserve and create your jewelry, which is dropped off locally in Amarillo or shipped via container which I provide. If you need a container for shipping please add the "Shipping Container" to your order.

My breastmilk jewelry is made with the most careful love and attention. Whether you have an abundance of milk or it's your very last ounce, you can be sure it will be treated with love. I preserve your precious milk with the perfect balance of ingredients to be sure it won't yellow. I then make sure to let it completely dry out before encapsulating it so moisture won't rot it. While it is drying I keep it out of elements so dust and debris will not contaminate it. Finally, I encapsulate your milk in a high-quality UV-resistant resin so it won't yellow from use. It's finished with a high gloss coat so you receive a beautiful piece that embodies your precious milk exactly as I receive it. 
As keepsake jewelry, I take the same love and attention with your loved one's remains or possessions that you want preserved. 
This jewelry is a unique representation of memories for you to relive for years to come, and that is exactly what I want each and every piece I create to represent.